Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New CT Tutorial For Fedor Using Tube **Lana**


This tutorial was written by Angela on April 28th, 2015. Any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental! You may not copy/paste any part of my tuts elsewhere, but you may text link to them for challenges etc!
Supplies Needed:

Tube of Choice, I am using a PTU Tube called *Lana* By ©Fedor ♥

You can find  this gorgeous tube by ©Fedor here.

Scrap Kit of choice, I am using a PTU Scrapkit called *Touch Of Vintage* By Alluring Kreationz♥

You can her amazing kit in Pics For Design store here.

Mask of choice

Program Used: Paint Shop Pro X7 but any PSP should work.
Let's Begin

650X650 New Image Canvas-Transparent BKgrnd

Open your tube of choice
Copy & Paste to your canvas. Resize & Position to the center.

Open AK-E-31
Copy & Paste to bottom layer. Resize & Position to the center beneath tube as if tube is sitting on it.

Open AK-E-38
Cope & Paste to layer just below tube.  Resize and Position add to right side of AK-E-31. (Duplicate) Flip by pressing ctrl+M and move to left side of AK-E-31 and blend in.

Open AK-E-53
Copy & Paste to bottom layer. Resize & Position add behind AK-E-31 and blend in behind.

Open AK-E-93
Copy & Paste to bottom layer. Resize & Position add to center of your canvas. Blend in as you wish.

Open AK-E-12
Copy & Paste to layer just below AK-E-31. Resize & Position add to left side  blend in with the flowers.

Open New Layer
Add to bottom so it is the bottom layer. Select your Picture Tube Tool then go up and select the tube for grass. Add grass as you like.

Open  AK-P-11
Copy & Paste on bottom layer
Resize to fit canvas

Then add mask of choice
Mask I used is called WSL_Mask302

Font used YoureInvited Size 16 (Bold)
Drop shadow used in all layers was
Vertical: 2  Horizontal: 2  Opacity: 45  Blur: 14.00
To finish add any other details and your copyright.
Make sure to save your work then you are finished.
Hope this was easy and fun to follow!
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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