Friday, February 27, 2015

**New CT Tags For - Whisper In The Wind Using Kit :"Sophie"

***CT for Whisper In The Wind Designs***

Kit: Sophie
Sophie, is an elegant and classy feminine kit, that I designed to be a match for the gorgeous Sophie tube by Stan Dudin. It will match the black layer. This kit has some simply stunning elements like: piano, screen, flowers, rhinestones, beaded purse, jewelry box with pearls, masks, pearls, bird cage, fan, containers, jeweled butterfly, ribbons, bows, fan, carousel horse, candles perfume, bear, cameo, bottles, key, perfume, and so much more!This kit has shades of black, silver, and varying shades of grey. It has 100 stunning elements, 4 beautiful frames, and 12 lovely papers! I hope you enjoy it!

 It is available at all of my stores!

In tag #1 I used the art by Zlata_M : Tube Name: Kamilla
Tube can be purchased here:

In tag #2 I used the art by Arthur Crowe: Tube Name: Air Goddess
Tube can be purchased here:

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