Wednesday, February 11, 2015

**New CT Tags For - Whisper In The Wind Using Kit :"Blushing Elegance"

***CT for Whisper In The Wind Designs***

Kit: Blushing Elegance
Blushing Elegance is a sweet and feminine new springish scrap kit. It has flowers, bows, pearls, vases, bottles, a dog, a chaise, a chair, rhinestones, umbrella, folding screen wall, and so much more! It has 100 stunning elements, 3 frames, and 11 gorgeous papers! This kit will brighten those dreary winter blues, in bright shades of pinks, greens, white, and silver! I hope you enjoy it!
 It is available at all of my stores!

In Tag #1 TUBE used is called Love 2 by Alex_Prihodko can be found here:

In Tag #2 TUBE used is called Alexandra by VeryMany can be found here:

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