Saturday, July 5, 2014

New CT Tutorial For Spazz Art Tube **Daisy** Exclusive Match Kit **Daysi**


This tutorial was written by SpiceAng on July 5th, 2014. Any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental! You may not copy/paste any part of my tuts elsewhere, but you may text link to them for challenges etc!
Supplies Needed:

Tube of Choice, I am using a PTU Tube called *Daisy* By ©Spazz
comes with multiple colored top options
This gorgeous PTU Tube can be purchased here.

Scrap Kit of choice, I am using a PTU Exclusive Scrapkit called *Daysi* By Niqui's Designs
 This is an exclusive kit matched with the gorgeous tube 'Daisy"  by Spazz Art. The kit contains 70 elements (no repeat) and 12 papers, tagger size
You can purchase her amazing kit here.

Mask of choice
Program Used: Paint Shop Pro X6 but any PSP should work.
Let's Begin

650X650 New Image Canvas-Transparent BKgrnd

Open your tube of choice
Copy & Paste  Resize & Position in center of canvas I flipped my tube by pressing ctrl+M.

Open nq-element 20
Copy &Paste to the bottom of canvas Resize & Position to your likes

Open nq-element 27
Copy & Paste to layer just below tube. Resize, Position, Flip Horizontal by pressing ctrl+M move to other side to match to your liking

Open nq-element 31
Copy & Paste to  layer just below tube off to right side Resize & Position. I flipped this element by pressing ctrl+M move to your liking.

Open nq-element 66
Copy & Paste just above your bottom layer.  Resize & Position

Open nq-element 68
Copy & Paste to layer just above bottom layer Resize & Position off to your liking I rotated mine some.

Open nq-element 34
Copy & Paste to layer just above bottom layer.Resize & Position place where you want on the left side. When you have it to your likes. (Duplicate 2 time.) Then with the extra we are going to move and resize smaller. Once you have it where you want it. (Duplicate) The reason we duplicated them is to make it darker so we can see them. It is up to you.

Open nq-element 45
Copy & Paste to layer just above car layer Resize & Poissition (Duplicate 2 times) then arrange them to your liking.

Open nq-element 67
Copy & Paste to bottom layer and place down toward the bottom. Resize & Position to your liking. I Flipped Verical by pressing ctrl+I but you do not have to.

Open nq-element 12
Copy & Paste to top layer Resize & Position to your likes. I did rotate mine some to look like it is tied to the layer. Then I did some wording on it but you can do as you wish.

Open nq-element 9
Copy & Paste to  layer just below tube down on left hand corner. Resize & Position to your liking

Open nq-paper 4
Copy & Paste on bottom layer
Resize to fit canvas

Then add mask of choice
Mask I used is called MPM_mask 57
Font used Cooper Black 11
Drop showdow used in all layers was
Vertical: 2  Horizontal: 2  Opacity: 45  Blur: 14.00
To finish add any other details and your copyright.
Make sure to save your work then you are finished.
Hope this was easy and fun to follow!
Thanks for trying my tutorial

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