Monday, July 7, 2014

New CT Tutorial For PinkParadox Productions Using Kit **Roller Girl**


Roller Girl
This tutorial was written by SpiceAng on July 7th, 2014. Any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental! You may not copy/paste any part of my tuts elsewhere, but you may text link to them for challenges etc!
Supplies Needed:

**New CT Tag** Scrap Kit of choice, I am using a PTU Scrapkit called *Roller Girl* By PinkParadox Productions.
From the boardwalk, to the skating rink...with touches of urban along the way.  Perfect for those roller skating & skateboarding tubes...with tons of other options as well!
You can find this kit and many other beautiful kits here:
Tube or Image of choice, I am using a PTU Tube Called  * Super Skate Francis* By ©Arthur Crowe which can be found here:

Mask of choice
My mask choice is called WSL_Mask3

Text of choice
My text is called Gabriel Weiss' Friends Font size 16

Program Used: Paint Shop Pro X6
Let's Begin

650X650 New Image Canvas-Transparent BKgrnd

Open you tube
Copy & Paste off to the right side of center Resize and Position

Open Roller Girl Papers 9
Copy & Paste on bottom layer (Duplicate)
Resize to fit canvas

Add Mask Of Choice.

Open Roller Girl 54
Copy& Paste below your tube layer Resize & Position to your likes. I added mine to the bottom right corner.

Open Roller Girl 73
Copy& Paste to just above paper layer under first mask layer. Resize & Postition center behind and over in your layer set your Opacity to 90%

Open Roller Girl 157
Copy & Paste to bottom layer just before mask layer Resize & Position to center and duplicate.

Open Roller Girl 155
Copy & Paster to layer just above last actionResize & Position to center of left window and add outer glow setting white color size 5 opacity 100.

Open Roller Girl 89
Copy & Paste to layer just above paper in the mask layer. Resize & Position to center.

Open Roller Girl 13
Copy & Paste just above your tube layer Resize & Position to bottom left corner.

Open Roller Girl 150
Copy & Paste to layer just above Roller Girl 89 Resize & Position In Layers set your Opacity to  90%

Open Roller Girl 69
Copy & Paste to layer just above mask layer Resize & Position to your liking.

Open Roller Girl 91
Copy & Paste just below skateboard layer  Resize & Position

Open Roller Girl 93
Copy & Paste to layer in mask layer to very top.  Resize & Position to fit in canvas to bottom to fit mask. In layers set you Opacity to 80%

Open Roller Girl 143
Copy& Paste to layer just above mask layer. Resize & Position to top left side. (Duplicate)

Drop shodow used in all layers was
Vertical: 2  Horizontal: 2  Opacity: 45  Blur: 13.00
To finish add any other details and your copyright.
Make sure to save your work then you are finished.
Hope this was easy and fun to follow!
Thanks for trying my tutorial

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