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This tutorial was written by SpiceAng on March 31, 2013. Any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental! You may not copy/paste any part of my tuts elsewhere, but you may text link to them for challenges etc!

Poser Tube *Sugar Skull 2* By SHINING STAR ART(KACI MCVAY)
You can purchase it HERE
FTU Kit * Bunny* By Addictive Pleasures can be found here:
Mask of choice
Program Used: Paint Shop Pro X6
Let's Begin

600X600 New Image Canvas-Transparent BKgrnd

Open your tube you will be using.
Copy & Paste

Open Frame (5)
Copy & Paste to back layer and center it behind tube you are using

Duplicate your tube
Move one layer behind your frame. Select your eraser make sure that you have
your top layer selected and erase your tube to make it look behind frame. Select
bottom tube layer and erase any extra.

Open button
Copy & Paste just above your frame Resize & Position

Open Bunny3
Copy & Paste just above your frame Resize & Position to your liking

Open Bunny
Copy & Past to top layer Resize & Position

Open Egg2
Copy & Paste just below bunny layer Resize & Position

Open Ribbon2
Copy & Paste  just above frame Resize & Position

Open Tag
Copy & Paste just above Ribbon2 layer Resize & Position

Open Balloon
Copy & Paste above botton layer Resize & Postion

Open Wire
Copy & Paste just below Bunny layer Resize and position.

Open Paper1
Copy & Paste to bottom layer Select your frame Select your magic wand and click inside frame you should see roaming ants then go up to Selections down to Modify over to expand Expand by 10 Next Select you Pick Tool and Select your paper layer click inside frame and then delete your extra outside layer.

Select Raster 1 over in your layers
Up in your Materials make sure your top color is white. Next select flood fill and fill your layer in with white.

Open Paper11
Copy & Paste to Raster 1 resize to fit canvas.

Under Layers pull down to Load/Save Mask. Mask of Choice.

My choice of Mask is called WSL_Mask 84
Font used AxeHandel size 12

Drop showdow used in all layers was
Vertical: 2  Horizontal: 2  Opacity: 45  Blur: 13.00
To finish add any other details and your copyright.
Make sure to save your work then you are finished.
Hope that this was easy to follow and fun.
Thank you for trying my tutorial!

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